Amandla Ooko-Ombaka

Amandla Ooko-Ombaka


Ms. Amandla Ooko-Ombaka is an international development specialist. Initially trained as an economist at Yale University, she worked as a Management Consultant with McKinsey & Company across the U.S. and Africa where she was affiliated with the public sector and oil & gas practices. Amandla recently graduated from Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School pursing an MBA and MPA in International Development where she was a fellow with the Center for Public Leadership. She is currently working on her first book.

She has consulted with several public and private sector clients including the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative, the Ministry of Infrastructure in Rwanda, and Botho(K) Ltd – an Africa focused investment advisory and analytics firm. Amandla is a Board member of Smart Citizens-Kenya, a regular contributor to Applause Africa! and THE EDITION KE, and the Co-Founder of several initiatives including, and the Leadership Institute at Yale – a 501(c)(3) teaching skills-based leadership.

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